Do vehicles honk/yell at you for no apparent reason?

  • I could speculate that some grumpy assholes don’t want to share the road with anything even if all rules are followed and hand signals given, like I do....

  • Very often.
    Just now I was heading back on the bike lane and a car honked behind me.
    In her mind, she was giving me a warning that she's about to pass.
    There's a good 2 meters clearance but still she felt compelled to annoy the shit out of me.

  • Happened to me once,

    Was cruising 15MPH on a little empty street, stick to the right, like any bike would do.

    Guy poping behind me, got all the clearance to go... but still honked and got mad.
    The best is coming, he pulled over 10 meters later and parked...

    In the end he may have lost 0,00005 seconds because of me xD

    My guess is these poeple just have a horrible life and they mad we don't.
    Just let go :)

  • i have yet to get honked at for a legitimate reason - i always avoid cars in my neighborhood using the alleys and sidewalks. if there is cross-traffic i will sometimes get honked at because i think the drivers don't realize the board is able to stop and they think i'm just going to cruise right through an intersection. i equate it to a dog seeing something it doesn't understand so it just barks. nothing gets accomplished, they're just too stupid to know what else to do so they make a loud noise. it makes me chuckle. i love dogs for the record.

  • yes, and when you look, they roll down the window and yell "Did you make that thing?" I've been asked about 6 times now if I made my OW myself. Why? Why do people keep asking this?

  • @desperado
    I think its because of the design of the Onewheel itself, and the fact that the gets tore up from riding it making it look less than professionally made, if that makes any sense.

    For the record I'm pretty sure "did you make that?" is the most common question, about 20% of people have the tact to not ask about price.

  • @flyingpapaya I think you're right. My coworker said "wow, looks like you have a lot of miles on that thing" when I was at 30 miles...

  • I love it when someone just stares dumbfounded at it trying to figure out what voodoo I'm using to make it go. This lady the other day was walking with her kids on a trail and just stopped dead in her tracks, and as I went by just blurted 'What the hell is that????' I was well past her before I could answer ;-) I did get stopped by a couple of park rangers making sure it wasn't gas powered, I took the time and answered all their questions in hopes of educating them enough to never try to fine me LOL

  • @desperado they expect anything mass produced to be wrapped in shiny, cheap plastic. This board looks basic so people assume DIY

  • I was running my dog along the other day and an elder man who looked like he's in his 80's said,
    Your dog must be really strong to be pulling you like that...

  • I get asked, "did you make that thing?" too. Seems like a good basis for constructing a witty response to the question.

    Let's have a contest, for the best one-line response to "did you make that thing?"

    Q: Did you make that thing?
    A: Yes! Yes! It works it works! I can't believe it works <fake crash pretend you're dead>

  • I also get - "is that thing powered?".

    I think because the OW looks so simple (hiding the complexity underneath the board) it confuses a lot of observers. The board make no noise, it goes up hills and flies like stink when we step on it. Surely an engine/motor cannot exist on such a thing? Between the high capacity Li battery and the hub motor, the combination of this technology baffles the general public.

    One guy was on a bike and I noticed he was following me for a few miles and then he disappeared. He ended up in front of me because he cut a corner and came around. He was waving his arms at me and asked "what is that?" "I first thought I could catch up to you but you kept going and going and going. Then you sped up even faster than I could pedal - all without breaking a sweat". I told him "I was from the future and soon you will be able to harness this technology for yourself!" Then I sped off as mysteriously as I came.

  • @desperado said in Do vehicles honk/yell at you for no apparent reason?:

    @flyingpapaya I think you're right. My coworker said "wow, looks like you have a lot of miles on that thing" when I was at 30 miles...

    I had someone say that to me back when my board was nearly brand-new. I figured out it was because he assumed the tire had tread on it when I got it.

  • My favorite question to get asked is "What is that?" b/c I can give the simple smart ass but truthful response of "The Future!" I especially like this response if I am riding by and I am not forced to answer any further questions.

  • Damn never considered they were honking because of my Onewheel. Just thought I was dead sexy.

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