UK Onewheel Riders - Show Yourselves!

  • Hello all, as you can probably tell, I'm new here but should have my new OW+ very soon!

    I'm based in the UK, Durham to be more precise, and would like to know where my fellow OW riders are...

    I shall be using mine for adventures with the family when travelling, but also around car shows that I attend (as me and my girlfriend run a Japanese car club), so it would be great to meet fellow riders!

    I look forward to being part of this forum, and can't wait to start riding, so if you have any tips for a new OW rider, feel free to drop them below!

    Hang loose and keep shreddin'


  • I'm in York. Got a v1 and had it a couple of years but still not getting out often enough on it to be any good really. Be nice to meet some other riders though - I feel like we're few and far between in the UK.

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