Ski-Doo Version of a OW

  • As the title says, I would like to see a winter-version, which allows climbing up mountains:smile:

    so instead of the wheel in the middle it would need something like that:

  • OneTrack

  • Hey guys I really think a tracked version of the onewheel is possible. Check this out and imagine a sleeker version underfoot.

  • Yeah, this is still a dream for the moment. Onewheel works well on pavement but even there the range is limited. Take onewheel off road and the range is a few miles. My dream for snow is an electric powered snowboard but with the current state of batteries and the friction of snow and hills it is more of a pipe dream.

    I've been taking my girls sledding a lot lately and we all love it. I have thought it would be really nice to have something help back up the hill. I guess maybe I should get back to my roots and buy us a snowmobile....maybe next year.

  • Just found this.
    I'm wanting something way more compact and loose the handlebars. This is like the 1980s cell phone version of what I want. It would be perfect if it worked off lean like the onewheel.

  • @ashewheeler nice find.
    Here is something that looks more like a snowboard but may not be as powerful.. Don't like the handles on either. Strap me in and give me a remote throttle at least. These do look like fun though. I will have to try to find pricing.

  • Looks like the powerboard in the video I posted came out around 2009 and didn't sell well. I don't see anyone selling them. The thing you posted isn't available in the US due to epa restrictions. Probably the demand is too low for devices like that. Right now a snowmobile just feels too much for me and not as much fun than something smaller.

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