Fender made with a more appropriate material

  • Njacobs

    How is the new style fender holding up? I made the same style as you with the aluminum bracket like you have. Works good until I crash the OW a few times, I found the aluminum would bend inwards towards the wheel, and start rubbing the tire itself. Thinking I may need to switch from Aluminum to Steel on my brackets. I think I may be kinda hard on my OW. Love the look of the OW fender, but the material certainly seems like the wrong choice.

  • @gibby My DYI mud-flap fender is working great, I haven't had any issues.

  • I still have my first OW fender one of the holes cracked and it has a partial crack in the middle, what I did was take gafting tape and covered the finder in that and haven't looked back since and it looks prime.

  • @tony420121 do you have any photos to post?

  • I would also like to see what you did to repair it Tony. Thanks

  • I rode it in to the office today Ill take a photo later and show the board and the type a tape I used.

  • I think the OP hit the nail on the head. It's either a straight moneygrab or it's gross incompetence in designing plastic parts.

    The cost is honestly not the upsetting issue here (if the thing worked there would not be such a discussion on it), the size of the part and the low volumes means it's going to cost "a bit" more. But the insult is that they didn't even remotely try to use a plastic material that might survive one single crash. ABS is primarily used for cosmetic parts that need to be painted (which it is not), and in areas where cost and manufacturing is more important than durability.

    To add insult to injury, using the same exact tool they have now, they could start running PC/ABS, Nylon, PP, or a myriad of other STANDARD materials found in every other fender for any type of vehicle. They could even put an additive such as Elvaloy in to modify the impact resistance, keeping the ABS as the base material, improving the durability without advertising to the world that they changed it. But they have not, and will not, on purpose.

    A bucket from home depot contains more plastic, is made of a durable material (HDPE), and can be cut into the shape of a fender, and costs $3. That's pretty sad. Maybe FM simply does not want to manufacture/sell fenders.

  • I operate the sales floor at the oldest and most experienced eBike Store in Portland, Oregon. We sell Onewheel products there as well as premium electric bikes.

    Part of my enjoyment of the float that we all love is not having our parts breaking off the board. Particularly the fender. I have made a magnetic fender mount for the Future Motion fender that holds on as needed and will allow detachment when desirable. You roll the board and torque it in any direction and it comes off. Currently we are testing the working prototype now.

    It really looks promising. I developed this initially due to pine needles and leaves jamming between the wheel and the fender. I would need to remove the fender every ten minutes just to clear the jam. For more info: rcyders@yahoo.com

  • @magiccarpetrider
    That's really cool and considerate for your customers! I would still forward the complaint to FM, maybe as a dealer you will have a little more clout than your average customer.
    Even though the magnetic mount is a huge improvement, it's not exactly a complete solution. In a perfect world the fender would not come off except when you actually want it to, and it wouldn't be fragile in the event that the OW lands on it

  • Yes FM, please use different (better) plastic for the fenders. I assume you can even use the same mold. Dirt bike fender type of plastic would work great! While you're at it, how about color choices for the fender?

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