Fender made with a more appropriate material

  • I am interested in a fender as well. This looks like the way it should have been done!

  • I'd like one too - but in black if you can swing it. Clear doesn't make much sense IMO as it will soon be mud brown from the inside.

    Also, I recommend altering the design slightly if you don't want FM coming after you for copyright / patent violation. Yours looks like an exact replica, which is great but you're exposing yourself to unwanted and unnecessary legal problems. Just change it enough so that it's your "own" design and you should be good to good. Just my two cents.

  • @hoovdini I should have black in a week or so.

  • I like your take on the flexible fender, I'd be in for a black fender also when they are ready.

  • @ventoriffic The white ones are opaque, it just doesn't look that way with the lighting in the picture. I'm sure they would carry light very well.

  • @makermarc I too would like to purchase one. Please post a pic of a black fender when it is finished. Great work! Thanks

  • @makermarc Very cool! What is the price point? I'd be interested in black or a dark blue (Yamaha dirt bike blue). Or I suppose if the price is right, the white may work - I would just paint it.

  • @cascadewheeler Hmm. yea the dirt-bike fenders are made of polypropylene. A perfect candidate for a fender. the only issue is Uv degradation and oxidation. I bet that can be fixed by dipping a mold in a thin protective layer of some sort. It is super cheap and way better than the piece of trash known as the FM fender. It can be made with CnC or injection molding(probably the Injection). It is very strong and flexible meaning it will not break on crashes. this will prevent it from touching the tire but still be strong. I think it would not be difficult to make for onewheel. I might even make my own from a 3d model mold. I really hope onewheel fixes this. This has gotten a lot of attention so maybe FM will notice. We just need to annoy Future Motion enough into noticing us. Thanks for the idea.

  • @njacobs can you tell me what you used to make it.(what mudflap, screws. Whatever that piece of metal was) I think I might make one

  • @ansen-french
    Do a search for "Plain Black Mud Guard 24" - Set of 2" on Amazon and you'll find what I used. The metal is 1" angle aluminum. The metal and screws were purchased a Lowes. I don't remember the details of the screw size.

  • k thanks

  • @njacobs I used a placemat made from Polypropylene (dirtbike fender plastic) and might use that. It will probably break because I did an awful job. But, i will try to make the mudflap fender. Thanks.

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