Spraying OW With Water?

  • Say I get a lot of sand on my OW, can I hose it off? Just how waterproof/resistant is the OW?

  • I would use compressed air if possible.. But I use a hose on mine if its dirty. I wouldnt go swimming with it tho lol

  • @chrisjr38 Yeah it's fine. I hose mine of daily, since they are currently spraying the bike lane with salt (getting cold here).
    I just avoid the chargeport and powerbutton. Don't see a need to make that wet as it doesn't get dirty.
    *I mainly rinse the bottom of the back, as that's where most dirt is collected. Especially with a fender on.

  • I guess I was also thinking about rain, if you wanted to take it out on a rainy day if anyone has any comments about that?

  • @chrisjr38 you won't have any issues with rain.. but play it smart and do not purposely hit every puddle you see. :)

  • I think you will be fine spraying it as long as you don't directly spray at critical points like the power button, charging port, and the seam between the foot pads and rails.

  • Appreciate the advice everyone! :)

  • Basically you can spray it everywhere... No problems. Buttons and ports included

    Wouldn't charge it right after that thought

  • I use a hosepipe to get clean, but not a high pressure jet washer as that could force grit or something into an unwanted area. I here compressed air is a favourite to use. Excuse my ignorance, but how do you get compressed air cheaply? Do you need a compressor? How much are they?

  • @X80-CBR if you use compress air often.. then buying a compressor will eventually be cheaper.. BUT for infrequent use, you can get canned compressed air. Same stuff you may use to clean electronics.

  • @callenj357 Thanks for clarifying that. The canned stuff for me it is then!

  • Any idea who makes a great compressor @callenj357. I bought one and it sucks! Wont even blow the sand off my OneWheel... I'm not worried about the money I just want one that I can keep a long time and works well...

  • @MichaelW I have 2 craftsman compressors bought over 10 years ago and they get used alot.. My small one has wheels too..

  • @MichaelW As @njcustom mentioned, craftsman compressors are great. and you can get spare parts for them easily. they range from small being around $120 to some very large ones ($500+).

  • Great! I'll take a look... Thanks for the info guys @njcustom @callenj357

  • @MichaelW I agree for the price and Quality craftsman is good.

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