New Digital Shaping

  • Instead of it having preset modes there is a bunch of lines where u swipe side to side for the options of higher nose lower nose how much power is put into the ride and then u can choose anywhere u want in between your lines... Ex: power ------+----------- it would be on lower power where the + is is what is says but say if its -----------+--- now its on higher power put into it: but on your phone you can slide that plus anywhere in betwwen those lines for what you like best

  • I like the idea of programmable on-the-fly shaping activation. When I am going slowly (like on the trails), I would love it to be on Delirium. When I am cruising and going above a set speed (like 10 kph), I would like it to jump to Mission. That way, I get the responsiveness at low speed and the increased range and smoother handling at higher speeds all without having to stop and grab my app.

    One can always hope that such developments can be possible and that FM would be motivated to continue to improve their product for both new and current owners alike.

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