Selling my spare onewheel / One used left

  • Hey all, just got my 4th Onewheel in the mail and haven't taken it out of the box yet. Two is plenty for me at the moment and thought I'd give someone a chance to pick up one or both of my spares if they need them.

    I'm in Los Angeles and would prefer not to ship outside the US. Will reply with photos in this thread this evening.

    The used board has under 6 months warranty left (May 13th, 2016) and has never been in or around water. FutureMotion serviced this device last month where they replaced a cable inside, and I made sure they inspected the pads, tire, battery performance and wiring for me. It's in great shape and get near identical ride distance and performance to my younger boards.

    :) :+1:

    edit2: still have two used boards, one has two months of warranty left and is cheap! the other has 8 months left. Also have two new boards in box if you're interested! Would love a local pickup in socal!

  • Here's some photos of the new one- I removed it from the brown UPS shipping box but I've never opened the product box. :smile:

    0_1450067149892_new OW1.jpg

  • I'll take one. Sent you a PM.

  • Here's some snaps of the pre-loved OneWheel for sale! :satisfied:

    Sorry, fenders not included. Keeping it for my first two.
    You'll have to get your own!

  • Back in California from the holidays- sorry I missed a few PMs. Both boards are still available.

  • @utsu New board is sold! Still have my used one.

  • How much are you asking for the used one wheel?

  • Hi,

    I'm also interested in the price of the used Onewheel. I am located in the SF Valley, so it wouldn't need to be shipped.


  • Hi, just got 2 more onewheels in the mail, so selling one more used one. Let me know if you need one in decent shape with a few months warranty still left.

  • @utsu How much??

  • Pm sent via chat

  • Just replaced my two current boards, deciding to sell my first two onewheels.

    If you're looking for a used one still in warranty, shoot me a PM.

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