Defective Onewheel, Refused Replacement, Still Waiting....

  • I bought 2 onewheels in mid October. Out of the box one worked, one did not. Today is 19 days into resolving my defective board issue and I got a t shirt in the mail. I'm on my 4th person from onewheel and I do not know when I will see a working board in my hands. My local dealer has boards in stock. Onewheel does not want to replace my board. Despite the error codes and the problems I had, they want to send me the problem board back to me. Nobody has answered my questions. I'm 40 years old. I have NEVER has this much trouble resolving a issue with a product new out of the box. I have never encountered customer service this bad. Especially for a $1500 item. It has been a miserable experience and it is not over. Buyer beware. If you happen to buy a bad board you will not get a new one. You are looking at a long of road people passing the problem and you will wait and wait and wait for nothing to happen. Horrible going on whatever is worse than horrible!

  • @fkra welcome to the wonderful yet frustrating world of being a OW owner :) When the board's working great, life is grand. When there's any sort of an issue, prepare yourself for a slow, frustrating and sometimes inadequate response. Owning at least 2 boards is really the best way to participate in this sport, in my opinion. That way you always have a spare. . .

  • @groovyruvy I guess I'm not alone. When I first reported my issues, I thought I had the only defective onewheel in the world. Like my problem was so unique that it was impossible. If you have a Onewheel problem, DO EXACTLY THIS......Video it doing everything that doesn't work. Post it immediately all over social media. Then contact Onewheel and link them to all of your posts so they are well aware of how many people are watching their product that isn't working. I'll be you get a new board overnighted. Me, I am just at a loss for words how bad my experience has been with Onewheel. My local dealer has boards and was willing to swap boards since day one, but Onewheel isn't going for that. If I videoed this thing being a growling paperweight I would be in a much better situation right now. I should have, but I think nice before I think evil.

  • @fkra I hear you. It's frustrating. Maddening actually. I feel really fortunate that I've only had to send 1 board back 1 time, and they were pretty prompt about it (9 days from shipped to them to receiving it back) and they definitely fixed the issue correctly. But you are not alone. As crazy as it might sound, if you can swing it, pick up a 2nd board from your local dealer- because once you have a board that works well and runs properly, it's ecstasy. Meantime you can work with FM in the background to get your current board repaired.

  • It took some time but when I reached out to support I eventually got a response, was able to ship my very lightly used board to them and received it back with repairs done to address both of my problems (clicking hub sound and busted battery gauge). It was by no means "good" customer support but FWIW they did eventually (3 weeks later) make me a happy owner of a fully functional board again.

  • @fkra I sent my board in on oct 3rd. I only had it for two weeks before it stopped charging. On nov 6 th I had still heard nothing from FM do I called and was told they would get back to me. Next day I got an email Saying it would be $400+ to fix it and as soon as they got my money they would start the repair. I explained it was only two weeks old and had not been submerged or even gotten wet other than a puddle or two. They replied back saying they would cover the cost of repair and offer 10% off repairs. What?? That’s confusing. Long story short I still don’t have my board or an answer to if and when I’ll ever get it back. What kind of people would do this to anyone let alone young people some of who saved for years to get a onewheel. I am exploring legal options and possible private investigation involvement.

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