What's your cruising speed? 14mph? 20mph?

  • Whenever I go for a ride, 2 things go through my mind:

    1. 14-15 mph is so comfortable in Delirum mode.
    2. I'm a loser because I'm not cruising at 20mph like everyone else.

    Really now, tell the truth, what's your crusing speed, and if you safely cruise at 20mph, tell us how you do it.

  • @wheelcity I'm usually cruising around 16-20 km/h on my V1, it's often in the city so it is no-brainer speed :)

  • @tartopom said in What's your cruising speed? 14mph? 20mph?:

    @wheelcity I'm usually cruising around 16-20 km/h on my V1, it's often in the city so it is no-brainer speed :)


  • I mostly cruise about 13mph; this is because I am old and fragile and don't want to die just yet. In praise of this speed, however, let me point to my constant companion in my automotive research job, the fatality/speed graph:
    0_1511272969206_Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 9.00.57 AM.png
    Note the sharp increase from 20 kph (~12 mph) to 30 kph (~18 mph).

    Now this doesn't mean we're risking death -- those numbers are for car collisions, which are more like going full speed into a wall than like falling off a plank, and those folks weren't wearing helmets. But it gives you a good idea of how much the hazard level starts to ramp up as you push toward 20mph. Roughly, energy goes as the square of speed, injury goes as the square of crash energy, and in a crash all that energy has to go somewhere.

    (also: helmet!)

  • I also seem to choose to ride in the 12-14 mph range. I find the board performs very well at this speed, and it's sure fast enough to have my full attention, as I seriously doubt my ability to run out a 14mph bail.

    The fastest I have been is15mph, and that was downhill, I guess the board will do 20mph, but I do not have the nerve to try and verify this claim. LOL

  • My average speed per ride varies between 11.5 and 13.8. Max speed per ride varies between 18 and 20. There are times when on a super smooth road that I wish the board would go a couple mph faster without kicking up.

  • 15 mph for me, in decent conditions. All sidewalks I ride are bumpy, so I keep it at 10 mph, and trails I'm wearing full pads so I push 15 mph there too, but also and up crashing a few times. There isn't much room for error at 15 mph, any decent size bump that you don't anticipate will throw you, but it's also slow enough that you can bail without faceplanting instantly.

  • I usually cruise between 15-17. My top speed is 21mph, but I'm not comfortable once I get to max pushback.

  • haha, NOBODY is regularly cruising at 20 mph.

    I ride with some talented riders occasionally, and they don't cruise a whole lot faster than my fat ass - I don't hit 18 very often, and my top speed is 21-22 (also my fastest nosedive).

  • I'm north of 55 years old and weigh 225lbs. I've found that my average speed is around 10mph and I don't go much over 13.1mph. At that speed, if I come off the board, I generally am able to catch myself and run it out rather than hitting the pavement.

    I've pushed it up to 16.6mph but I'm not comfortable at that speed. I'm a cruiser! I enjoy smooth pavement and my favorite has become well packed trails. Love flying through the woods!

  • @jrfent, I’m 10yrs younger and 30lbs lighter but feel exactly as you do with regard to riding style, I really feel the OW+ is more fun at lower speeds and much more survivable if ya bail! Haven’t ripped through a forest yet, that sounds awesome!

  • I'm 44. I'm comfortable at 13/14 cruising straight. More fun carving at 10/12. All depends on what you want. I don't want to crash. I ride like I could crash at any time. As I get more miles this might change as I'm very new.

  • 23 top speed, avg 15 but always want to go faster. I snowboard all the time so the speed is pretty slow relative to being on snow. I've had some bad wrecks and and still feel some hip soreness from a wreck 2 months ago... that is why I always keep it pretty mild. Plus I'm 225 6'3" so push back doesn't exist for me at speed.

  • What’s nice about 13-15 is the board still has some reserve power to keep you stabilized and react to bumps. The taller you are only amplifies your weight distribution (think how a long wrench applies more torque than a shorter wrench) so any slight bump at speed could push your board past the threshold and result in a nose dive. The more reserve power you can keep in the motor to help self correct the better.

  • @tartopom Same on V1. I might hold 13mph if in bike lane and is well paved but 10-12mph in city for me as well

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