For Sale: OneWheel+, purchased 7/2017

  • For sale is my OW+ with only 153 miles on it. Comes with OW fender and two aftermarket skid plates (not installed). I've had fun in my time with it in my short time, but I've also wrecked pretty hard a couple of times trying to ride above my skill level ha.

    Only selling because I had all these grand plans to ride it ALL the time...yeah no happening. Not to mention my friend who was supposed to also buy one so I had a riding buddy backed out like a tool.

    I work for the Navy and I'm stationed in Jacksonville, FL right now, so I wouldn't be able to get you the original packaging stuff, but I have the ultra charger with me and all the other goodies. The factory warranty is still valid through 7/18. Make me an offer, I don't know what a used + goes for. I'm not paying shipping though, that's on you. I'll add it to the sales price. Just let me know if interested, thanks!

  • @daarnold82
    I’m interested. I’m right by Daytona, could u email me. It would probably b faster/easier creynell@yahoo


  • do you still have? how much and i live in jax

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