Battery capacity and external charging

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    I'm struggling to understand what the capacity of our battery is. I get 353Wh based on the 4 x 12.8V modules at 6.9Ah for each module. But people are claiming one full charge from a hover board battery and the carvepower 36V x 4.4Ah is only 158Wh!

    the other confusing bit is that OW charges in supposedly 20 minutes from dead. this means 58V x 3.5A for 1/3 hours is just 68Wh!

    seems to me the rated capacity on the pack is much larger than what it accepts during charging.

    anyone have any sanity checks here?

  • I think the battery is closer to 2200mah..
    You can charge at higher amps, I've been charging at 5amps for quicker charges. I heard sonny was charging at 9amp for 15min recharge time.. 0_1512238249788_Screenshot_20171202-120832.png

  • @parrothd

    where did you get 130Wh?

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