For Sale: OneWheel+ in Los Angeles

  • I have now owned the original OneWheel, as well as this great OneWheel+, which have all been great. I purchased this OneWheel+ board new from Future Motion during the early pre-orders, and received the fender, as well as an extra pair of bumpers (still new), which will included in this sale. You will of course receive the charger, as well as the OneWheel box. I will also provide you with a OneWheel stand from TheFloatLife called the One Wheel Foundation Stand, which has been painted in Matte Black. The boards exterior blue frame has been vinyl wrapped in a camo pattern, and the wheel has a OWarmor silver reflective decal on the wheel hub for better visibility (but both can be easily removed). It has the normal wear and tear with a few scratches, but nothing major. It is in overall fantastic shape.

    I have 46 total miles on the board. It was used to commute short distance, as well as for fun on various weekends. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed owning this board, but it now hardly gets used as I cannot commute with it any longer. I’m not sure I can justify owning it just for occasional weekend use. I don’t particularly want to sell it, but it may be the best option at this point.

    Local pick-up only (no shipping, sorry). Buyer is responsible for ensuring the board is to personal liking before purchasing. All sales are final/as-is.

    Price: $1150


    2_1513883645460_73EFA551-6695-4744-B993-CB1D1EA206EE.jpeg 1_1513883645460_E8711756-1FC4-4268-B854-5D72DB90E2A6.jpeg 0_1513883645449_289AEE04-66E7-4A49-8AFB-4C35883FD2D5.jpeg

  • How many miles do you have on it?

  • I just turned on the board and checked it with the app. I have 46 total miles on it.

  • Do you still have the OW for sale? I'm in LA.

  • Yes, this is still for sale.

  • Price drop, and is reflected in the first post.

  • Hey is your OW still available? Where are you in LA?

  • Still available for local sale. Price is in the first post.

  • Super interested but I live in Maryland. I know you don’t want to ship, but let me know if you change your mind. I’m interested for sure.

  • @mjonesv10 Yo, I'm in Maryland too. What are you looking for? Plus? I may be able to help you out.

  • Thanks for the out of state interest. At this time though, I’m looking to sell it locally only.

    Anyone in SoCal still interested?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Still available at a local pick up price of $1000.

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