Atlanta One wheelin?????

  • Any One Wheelers in Atlanta, GA or am I the first one?

  • I'm in Roswell! Been riding 8 months..loving it every day.

  • Where do you ride around there? I just got my OneWheel yesterday so a few days of getting it dialed in then I want to take it to the river park (Cochran Shoals and Sope Creek) down by the river.

  • @atl1wheelin Opelika, AL. Pretty close, but not quite there

  • Let me know if you get up to Atl on a weekend and we can go riding together.

  • I'm in Atlanta this week visiting the family for Christmas. Anywhere good to ride around the Sandy Springs area?

  • @tmock12 Your close to Cochran Shoals which is the hard packed running loop at the river and the accompanying trails for mountain biking and trail running. Hit me up if you want to meet down there over the weekend as I have not ridden down there yet.

  • Greetings! New to the forum, and new to Atlanta. I just received, as a Christmas gift, some money to invest into a new device, and I've been drooling over onewheel videos for months. Is there anyone in the Atlanta area willing to let me "test drive" there's? If it helps, I'm an experienced snowboarder, and former instructor. I live I the midtown area, but am willing to drive anywhere.

  • @thefunkybat I'm in Smyrna and have had mine 2 weeks - another buddy here in Smyrna got his 2 days ago and we went riding yesterday. Your welcome to try mine - I also know an outfitter in the southeast that has them in stock and could ship same day.

  • @atl1wheelin thanks for the recommendation. Went and rode Cochran Shoals last week and it was super fun. Would have invited you but it was spur of the moment. I may be up there at the end of the month and will let you know if I have get some time to ride again.

  • Please let me know next time your around as I don't get to ride with others often. I'll shoot you a private message w/ my cell

  • @atl1wheelin Awesome, thank you! I live off the Lindbergh marta station, so that's not a far drive for me. I've got some free time this weekend, and next. PM me your number and we'll figure out the details.

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