Nosedive "mitigation" product - beta testers wanted!

  • @hoovdini my OW+XR is shipping April 9th (hopefully). I'd really like a set of the larger wheels. Do you have a website or a way to order them?

  • Would love to have these when my Xr arrives! 23 March ship date!

  • We are very close to having these ready, guys. The issue, however, is that I don't know how the bumper of the XR is vs the +. I have a OW+ but not an XR. It looks to me like the screw length could be different on those - and who knows about the actual geometric shape? Has anyone here actually seen an XR in person that could measure the length of that front bumper bolt? If so, that person will get a free set of wheels for helping out!

    If not, we just may have to wait until the boards are actually in the hands...err, feet...of riders.

  • @ow-miami I've heard Kyle in an interview say we rate it at 265 but we know it can easily carry more than that

  • Anyone with FlightFins - FYI - the flex handle will stop them from being ground off in highspeed side slides. :)

    The sole failure of @hoovdini wheels so far has been an 18MPH dumpout by an inexperienced rider who didn't realize that acceleration potential drops as speed increases. ;-)

    The side effect of his yard sale was that the flightfin straps were literally ground off on one side, while being protected by the flex handle on the opposite side.

    @celebro and I are actually working on a solution to negate the need for these silly straps, but until then, the flex handle has proven to be a fricken amazing protector. Add one on each side if you think you'll fuck up at speed and slide. ;-)

    As a fun aside here- he left without realizing that he'd yard sale'd his phone about 10 yards off or so, and didn't realize it for 15 minutes or so.. We returned to find a very nice gentleman who'd been waiting for us to return holding the phone. (Naturally, he was taken care of well for his help).. This was fairly surprising, given the neighborhood, but given that I've always said it's just the <1% who screw it up for everyone, I'm not terribly surprised really - most folks in even the worst of neighborhoods are great people.

  • No need to buy two flex handles (which aren't available yet anyway)! I've got side "bumpers" in the works of the same material. All that really needs to happen is for the edge to be lifted off the ground a bit so that the sides cannot lie flat. So a handle works but the bumper is a cheaper option for the other side. Will post a pic soon to clarify what I mean.

  • @hoovdini - Not surprised.. Great idea.

  • So I've had the opportunity to try out a few handles that Hoovdini has created. Here's my honest feedback. I really like the handles being solid, but the internal rail cutout in the handle is EXACTLY the size of an uncovered rail. If you have sidekicks installed, the rail increases in size, and no longer fits the perfect rail cutout.

    Solution. Make the cutout the size of the rail with sidekicks installed, and just include a little strip of material to take up the difference. The little strip would be installed first, and the handle over the top of it. That way it's totally compatible with whatever rails you're rocking. :-)

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you have a handle on that side, then you don't need rail protectors on that side, because the only place the board can contact the concrete is at the very what @OW-Miami said. Unless I'm misunderstanding the rail protectors. I can also make two versions - one sized for rail protectors, and one without.

  • Some are reflective, some are protective, some are preference. Sure, one might not need a sidekick installed, but prefer to.

    I like the idea of two versions, or like I suggested earlier if you only want to make one cutout.

    Really enjoy the new product! It's holding up well. :-)

  • Can you post a url for the protector versions? If the sidekicks are a few mm thick it should be easy to make the frame mounts in two lengths and leave the handle part the same. Then I could swap out just the mounts for people with these side protectors installed.

  • If you had a sidekick sample, you might be able to design a relief/profile that would accommodate both the sidekick and non-sidekick configurations without resorting to fillers or spacers. The Sidekick makes the OW rail thicker and wider. If you design to that but also have a centered cut-out or relief that fits a bare rail, it could still fit despite a small gap around the bracket. Or just create another part all together....

  • @gadgetrider
    I may look into accommodating those rail protectors later...but for now, the handle must fit perfectly flush in order to not slide along the rail. Some food for thought.

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