Nosedive "mitigation" product - beta testers wanted!

  • @hoovdini, I’d be willing to try them out for you. Are they installed front and back or just on the nose? Shoot me a message and I’ll send you my address.

  • @hoovdini
    This seems to be excellent!
    I'd love to try them for you...if it's still time ;)

  • I would love to to test theses out! Can I get in on theses?

  • I have two OW+ boards, I'd love to try out these for you. My son had a nasty nosedive crash just after Christmas and hurt his foot (has to wear a boot). I'm in Gilbert AZ and the weather is perfect for riding right now. I've logged almost 500 miles on my board since late October.

  • @njacobs

    I'd love to try these out. Thanks

  • Alright, I think that's 10 peeps. If you have replied before this post you will get a pair to test out. DM me your address if you have not already.

    Everyone after this post, fret not – let's see if these work with our testers before we do anything else. I have some larger wheels I'm also going to test.

    Note that I only have 2 sets right now, and I'm waiting on the wheels - when they arrive I will assemble them and put them all in the mail.


    • matt

  • @hoovdini
    How to do a personnel message?
    Thomas from Toulon

  • @hoovdini - currently nursing a frozen shoulder from breaking my arm on a nosedive and immediately began thinking a product similar to this might have helped.

    Not brave enough to be a tester, but if they test out well, I'd be very interested to buy these.

  • As another poster mentioned, when the board nosedives it's because the motor gave out and once there is sufficient slowing the board rights itself. Should someone stamp down hard with your product, I feel like I could see the board surging maybe causing a crash? For me and my nosedive, it wasn't so much that the board instantly stopped, it's that my inertia went from going forward to immediatley being thrown at the ground at a 45 degree angle, as if someone took the step out from underneath you. Not even sure it's possible, but would be great is there was some form of small braking that came from these. Enough that the motor kicks on and you can quickly right yourself.

    Whatever the case, I'm very interested to see how these fare! Great looking product that I hope saves some people grief.

  • Happy to test those wheels. Looks nice and tight. Had my first nosedive on Friday. I ran it out, but it was a HUGE surprise.

  • I like it. FM should adopt your project, and add in some sensing smarts so that these can engage elevated or descent mode. Grind up against a hill, change modes.

  • @willcapellaro
    I think adding the complexity of extension / retraction just introduces one more thing that can go wrong or break. These are quite solid as is and really out of the way – let's see how they perform.

  • @ventoriffic
    It happened so fast for me that I'm not sure if it was the drop or the board stopping so fast that threw me off. Perhaps a combination. These wheels may give you just a bit more time to realize what's happened and get your balance. They also give the front of the board about 1" of height off the ground, so you don't fall quite as far vertically. Who knows if it will help? Only the I don't have as many miles as a lot of others here.

  • @hoovdini Was also thinking the extra clearance keeps the board from dropping you a full 45, meaning less inertia toward the ground. Will be following! Gotta make them for XR now.

  • @ventoriffic
    I’ll have to see what others say but it looks like the same bumper to which case it would fit already!

  • Great ! Those wheels could have saved me twice in Paris and DC.

    One way to test:
    Go to the gym and ask permission to use an high speed treadmill.
    Secure the area around in case the board is ejected.
    Secure yourself (full protections, grab the bars, safety harness to the ceiling ??)
    Sign a disclaimer.
    And accelerate until nosedive.

    If someone is both a stuntman and a geek it could be interesting to open the board and clamp an ammeter on the motor cable to log the nosedive Amps.
    Still unclear to me if FM has all the info and did not manage to make it work.

  • Very GOOD job! BRAVO!

  • @secretsquirrel
    They are just for the nose! You could install them in the back too but I don't see the need.

  • @hoovdini these look like a much better solution than previous versions I have seen and would be interested in trying them out. I am #3 on the OW+ mileage leader board and would happy to use Murph the only OW riding dog to help promote your product. (Assuming it is good) Want to make sure to keep Murph safe and happy when riding. I can assure he hates nosedives too.

  • @hoovdini If anything I feel I wouldn't want them on the back. I can ride out a heel drag slow down WAAAY before a nosedive to the pavement. I've stopped pretty hard on the + without problems. Has anyone overloaded torque while slowing down and caused a tail dive? I can only imagine it's possible.

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