New product for all OneWheels - get a HANDLE on this!

  • Hi Folks,

    I own two OneWheel+ boards and love them. But I wanted to be able to carry them more easily than with the one handle on the nose, which isn't so ergonomic. But I did not want to do any drilling of the frame, or resort to any temporary solutions like double-stick tape or glue. So I designed two different handles in CAD and then 3D printed them in ultra-tough Carbon-Fiber reinforced NYLON. They turned out amazing so I'm putting them up for sale here for interested riders. Each one is priced at an introductory $35, plus whatever shipping costs - I'm guessing first-class padded envelope would be $5-8? Anyway, you'd pay the actual shipping cost - no markup.

    Each one weighs less than 100 grams including the four M5 steel mounting bolts, but are strong enough that I can stand on them (I weigh 200lbs) and they don't break or crack! They are crazy strong, impervious to the elements, and look pretty cool to boot, even if I say so myself.

    I could not decide on which I liked better, so I kept both designs – one is sort of rounded and organic, which I'm calling the "bone" style. The other is more angled with flat edges, but rounded where your fingers wrap under. I figured some people will like one or the other. Functionally they are the same.

    I can't make a ton of these and they are not "mass produced". Each one is trimmed and tested after I print them - and each print takes 9+ hours for one handle!

    Pictures are below, and for now this material only comes in black. I can print other Nylons in various colors but have not tested their strength yet.

    Here is a quick rundown of the features:

    • No drilling of the frame or any glue/tape
    • 5 minute installation / removal
    • Either side mountable - does not slip fore/aft when on
    • Super tough, super strong
    • 4 Steel M5 Mounting Bolts and square nut hardware
    • Two designs, both with same width and approximate weight
    • 57º of clearance from ground (if you turn this sharp you must be amazing)
    • Intro price of $35, which is cheaper than others. This price won't last.

    First come, first serve. I can only make about 2 per day right now. Check them out below!
    0_1515436709933__MGS3865.JPG 0_1515436721574__MGS3862.JPG
    0_1515436798519__MGS3870.JPG 0_1515436816855__MGS3872.JPG 0_1515436837389__MGS3874.JPG 0_1515436861720__MGS3867.JPG 0_1515436882993__MGS3871.JPG

  • @hoovdini Great looking handle. Are you on facebook? If not already, you should request to be a facebook member of "OneWheel Owners Group" a very active group of awesome folks that ride OW. I'm sure they'd love your handle. - and anti-dive wheels

  • Good idea, thanks!

    I think I’m going to send some out to the most influential peeps in the community also.

  • @hoovdini These are very nice looking (especially the Bone) and if I didn't already have a handle I'd definitely get one! Good luck!

  • @glyph
    Hey, thanks very much!

  • I prefer the one you call "bone", it seems more ergonomics!

  • @glisse84
    The bone is IMO more ergonomic and fits the hand better with it's curves...but then I thought some people might like an angular version that perhaps fits with the lines of the board better, with it's rectangular shapes and 90 degree faces. It feels good in the hand too, but much more "mechanical" since it has no arch.

  • Really nice looking handle. Love the ANGLES. Superclean. I'm IN - Where to order?

  • @cactvs
    I guess the easiest way is to chat me your address and I'll get a quote from UPS, or I can send via First Class USPS (tell me your preference). Then I'll send you the address for Paypal.


    • matt

  • I would be most concerned about impact. Have you done a drop test? Basically, attach it to the OW, drop the OW directly onto the handle from a reasonable height like 1 foot or more. OW goes flying end over end sometimes depending on how you bail.

  • @desperado
    I could try that - I have not yet. However, once I get a few more printed I will do so. Nylon is extremely tough, and even more so with the Carbon impregnated, so it would have to be a really hard hit. Maybe I can video it.

    I do think it's pretty rare for it to land exactly square on the face of it like that, esp. when tumbling - I would imagine a more sideways impact. But it would be good to try. I'll get back here later with some updates...the only handles I have printed right now are going to some lucky customers on here!

  • @hoovdini
    The drop test will also test the bolt connection, which is usually the weakest link. What printer are you using btw?

  • I'm partial to the look of the angled designed - great work! Perhaps if the angled handle could have some finger ridges on the inside of the handle that would make it more comfortable to hold? Either way, I would be down for a couple copies whenever you make them available.

  • @hoovdini 2765 Honeysuckle Ln, Steamboat Springs CO 80487
    UPS is more trustworthy in my experience.

  • @gadgetrider
    They are available now if you want to order!

  • I want one bone style! 2894 Salk Ave. apt 169, Richland WA 99354. email me details

  • @desperado
    I'm using a Gcreate Gmax 1.5+, a Zortrax M300, a CR-10 5s, and sometimes a Hatchbox Alpha. Believe it or not the nicest prints come out on the CR-10, which is 25% of the cost of the first two.

  • @hoovdini Sure thing. Drop me an email (I sent you my address via Chat message) and we can get this started.

  • @jeffmccosker Can you put that handle on the OW on the fly? Or do you have to unscrew the middle bolt to make room for handle?

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