Onewheel+ XR order numbers

  • Ordered this morning #2233X
    Not sure how to handle the suspense. Ordered my V1 from stock about 2 years ago. Can't. Fucking. Wait.!!...

  • So I ordered an XR Platinum and my order got canceled because Shopify flagged it as fraudulent. I then placed a re-order which ended up being a Gold because the Platinum promo was over. After contacting them, they are giving me the Platinum but I'm not sure if it will ship with my original order number queue or my new order number. Nonetheless, my cancelled order number was #21520 and my new order number is #21774.

  • 21972 April 3rd Ordered a week ago

  • Hello All,

    • Purchased on 01/21/2018
    • Order #22161
    • ETA April 4th


  • Goodmorning, I placed my order January 14th, order# 21797.
    Delivery date goes up-and-down. Currently, April 2nd.

  • I have 2208X shipping April 4th. So stoked, this will be my first Onewheel.

  • Just purchased. Have wanted a OW for years! Stoked!!!

    Purchased 02/02/18
    Order #: 22583
    ETA: April 5th

  • How accurate were Future Motion's shipping estimates for the V1 and OW+? I've decided to get the XR as my first OW, so 2 months already feels like such a long wait...hope the date isn't pushed as is common in the esk8 industry...

  • Ordered a XR on January 8th, order #2101* shipping March 15.
    @dg2465, IDK if this is useful. Live in Seattle area and orderd a Mafia Bag this week, order #22724. Placed order on Feb 7th, shipped out on the 8th (from Gilroy, CA) and it arrived Saturday the 10th with FedEx Ground. Hope the OW+ XR takes 2 days to ship after over 9 week wait. Its totally worth it!

  • Order #20986 on 01/08... I'm gonna be riding around the house until it gets nice out!

  • Man I don't know how I'm going to be able to wait! April 9th is a long way away!

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