2 OW's....Way Different Battery Life - Revisited

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    I'd like to bring this discussion back online. I have had my OW+ for a couple of months now. My friend has the original OW and we ride together all the time. On/off road, beach, you name it. The older OW gets DOUBLE the range of my OW+ every time. I have done my research with all of the suggested "fixes", but I can barely get five miles out of my battery compared to her 10. Granted she can't keep up with speed, but I would gladly trade a few mphs for longer range. I would think a version 2.0 of anything should get you the 1.0 specs at a minimum, plus improvements. Now today I see the release of the XR, 12-18 mile range. That's more like it!

    Is anything being done to bridge the versions (i.e. software/app-wise, battery upgrades, trade in credit) or am I SOL and stuck with the walk of the shame? Any ideas out there? Thanks!

  • How much of a weight/height difference are you two? I would see that as the biggest multiplier, but in general I seem to read more distance on v1 than +.

    Bigger motor in + so it's gonna go out faster in general. No word yet on upgradability for + to XR, but I'm thinking there won't be. Sell your + to offset the XR, or hit it big in crypto and buy a new one for you and your friend ;)

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