A way to ollie

  • Not quite sure how but if there were a way to Ollie with the board that would take the sport to a new level. Maybe foot grips/straps. Or if there were a bar to use i don't know exactly but it would add tricks and change the game

  • @ithesportguy As you can see in THIS VIDEO it's possible, but probably not too practical. Creating enough force (via the board's tail contacting the ground) to pull an Ollie off kind of defies what the OW was designed to do, which is to maintain level.

    Don't get me wrong, the greatest board athletes have been pushing the limits for decades and defying the impossible, and the Onewheel is just in its infancy.

  • @Code-ster whaaat that really does defy gravity! I didn't think that was even possible

    -edit I honestly don't understand how that was done haha, Im rematching frame by frame over and over

  • maybe the ollie could happen when on an incline? Board sensor is thinking flat so you can tap the tail? cause on flat you slow down before you can tap. I've tried. Just a thought

  • @DVO Yeah maybe even elevated mode might be easier, where the tail is a little closer to the ground. But ultimately I think an entirely new (trick) mode would be necessary to soften the resistance of the rear gyro when it senses firm sudden pressure on the tail.

  • No one ollies anything in this vid. Thats an aggressive riding up onto something

  • I have an idea on this. What if you made a really sturdy fender and put an eye bolt in the middle of it with a string attached to it and a handle on the other end of the string. then possibly you could jump and pull your board up. I would love to be able to jump up curbs!

  • @donny-h Maybe attach a rope with a handle to the front end and one to the back, and yank up on them to jump a curb? That setup might lead to other tricks.

  • @thegreck interesting idea! I can hear the spectators now "do you sreer it with those handles?"!

  • https://youtu.be/bT8uX0Ek08c

    a little off topic i know but the ending of this vid where home boy bites the dust is just so funny to me.... as for tricks i seen one guy on Instagram who's attached some kind of foot clamps to his and rides up curbs and jumps all the time.
    However he's stated that there is no way of bailing when the clamps are on so if you fail... you may fail big but that's the risk we all take when riding.

  • @Dark_Knight You have a user name for the guy who uses clamps on his Onewheel? I'm sure a lot of us would like to check that out, and I couldn't find it.

  • @thegreck sure his name is @jordonguy you can also follow @onewheelsnsnowmobiles they also post some nice OW content and Shameless plug my IG name is @captain_smitty just in case you all wanted to know.

  • @Dark_Knight Thanks! Only one video so far with the clamps that I see, but that is truly badass. I can see how it could be an issue not being able to run it out if you nosedive, though, so you have to be pretty ballsy. But still looks fun!

  • I'm not sure how possible of an idea this is but the freeboard bindings would work well on one wheel I think

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