Broke my knee, nose dived. Onewheel+ Founders Edition FS (2 year warranty)

  • Well I kinda saw something coming sooner or later but not to this extent. Lucky was wearing a helmet and protective mesh bike vest. Helmet has a crack right where my chin would be 😬. I've been on crutches for the past 4 months waiting on an MRI yes thanks to Canada's speedy health Care system 😑. X-ray came out with no bone damage doc said it's some sort of acl, miniscus or tendon tear/damage. Saw onewheel on Instagram post their new one for sale but I think I'll be going for a skateboard instead can't afford 3-4 months down when I work for myself.

    I have my onewheel which I am gonna put on sale it's a + founders edition with the extended 2 years warranty extra bumpers a fender. Have 250 or something miles on it. Looking for $1350 + shipping I am in Canada but get awesome shipping rates with my company so will ship anywhere in North America.

    Link to pics videos in my Instagram profile


  • @s2kboy
    Dang sorry to hear about the nose dive and knee. Conditions when it happened?

    Good luck with sale...

  • 1350 Candian dollars? Or US?

  • @skyman88 thanks I have a MRI due this 23rd I'll really find out what's going on with the knee then but after 4 months I still can't put weight on it and it's swollen.

  • @michaelw US I'll take offers as well. I got spare bumpers and factory warranty on the unit still. Will ship 1-2 day air for cost of ground shipping anywhere in the US. Comes at with all original box and packing material will post pics soon.

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