Won't charge. Won't power up.

  • My Onewheel+ is acting weird. First, it did not want to power up until plugged into charger. Now it doesn’t want to power down until plugged into the charger.
    Now I took it off the charger and it won’t power up. Then I plug it in and it flashes 15 times.
    Unplug, no power up, then re-plug and 4 flashes.
    App reads 52%, then it reads 00%, warning comes up for 10% battery left then 54% then 00%.
    Now the app reads 00% but plugged in.
    Unplug, re-plug and now it powered up with no button push and app reads 00% and plugged in.
    Unplug and it powers off by itself. Won’t power up. Re-plug, powers up automatically.
    Been on charger for 30 minutes, still 00%.
    In addition it has always had difficulty staying connected via Bluetooth.

    Has 39 miles on it.

    Does it have epilepsy?

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