Won't charge. Won't power up. Flashing...

  • @mtruby82 Tried that, she powers up when I plug the AC in and lights come on. App shows plugged in but 00% battery, diagnostics show all batts at 0.0. Nothing happens when I push start button. Unplug, no lights at all. Push button - nothing.


  • @cactvs

    What do you battery cell voltages look like? Can you post a screen shot ?

  • @skyman88 They all read 0.00.

  • @cactvs

    Time to call Future Motion

  • @skyman88 said in Won't charge. Won't power up. Flashing...:


    Time to call Future Motion

    Yeah man. If your cells are reading 0.0 the BatteryManagementSystem is probably fried.

  • Sooooo... after many plugging and unpluggings, it finally turned on and read 100% charged. I went and rode 'til it wouldn't go another inch. Charged back up in 30 minutes and seems completely healthy now. I am happy but my trust is a little shaken... thanks for all the suggestions, people!

  • @mtruby82 I did that and got my board screwed twice. Had to send it back to FM which they took care of pretty efficiently. They recommended me to plug the charger forst to the wall and then to the board. By doing so there is an ARC noise that comes up (spark noise) but they said it was normal. Ever since I plug it this way I have nkt had that problem again. Logic will tell you to do otherwose but... this is what was told to me by FM

  • @iggi Weird. When I plug mine into the wall first, my board turns on a lot of the time and won't charge until I push the power button. A lot of people say this happens too. I've been using the "board first, then Wall outlet" method for a while and haven't had a problem.

  • @iggi As an electrical engineer, I too try to avoid causing conditions where arcing occurs. This is normally created when there is a low impedance and the initial inrush current when plugging in is high. Sparks and surges are typically not good for sensitive electronics (especially CMOS parts). So that is why I tend to plug in to the board first, then the wall.

    However, if the charging cycle does not initiate as some of you have been experiencing, it could be that the BMS is expecting a sharp transition from open circuit with no driving voltage to closed circuit with charging voltage present in order to trigger properly. If I see this problem with my boards, I will certainly try this plug in sequence.

  • @gadgetrider Yes, I too plug in the board first then the charge to the wall. I started doing this after my very first charge when I saw and heard the shock. 4 months and 640 miles later, no issues.

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