Won't charge. Won't power up. Flashing...

  • My Onewheel+ is acting weird. First, it did not want to power up until plugged into charger. Now it doesn’t want to power down until plugged into the charger.
    Now I took it off the charger and it won’t power up. Then I plug it in and it flashes 15 times.
    Unplug, no power up, then re-plug and 4 flashes.
    App reads 52%, then it reads 00%, warning comes up for 10% battery left then 54% then 00%.
    Now the app reads 00% but plugged in.
    Unplug, re-plug and now it powered up with no button push and app reads 00% and plugged in.
    Unplug and it powers off by itself. Won’t power up. Re-plug, powers up automatically.
    Been on charger for 30 minutes, still 00%.
    In addition it has always had difficulty staying connected via Bluetooth.

    Has 39 miles on it.

    Does it have epilepsy?

  • Hey Cactvs.

    The onewheel usually powers on when you plug it in, sometimes this causes a "low battery warning", im guessing due to the circuit board getting a bit confused on which reading is what.

    I usually solve it with pressing the power button whilst its plugged in.

    Give us a bullet list of things youve tried?

    • Have you plugged in the device and then pressed the power button?

    • Have you exposed it to water recently?

    • is the charger port clean and free from debris?

  • I was having a similar problem and I thought my Wheel was defective. @cactvs try this..

    When you charge your OW, never plug the charger into the A/C first. Plug the XLR connecter first into the OW then plug the charger into the A/C outlet. Also make sure the green light on the charger is out for at least 30 seconds before you plug it in to your board. For example, if you got back from a ride and left your charger plugged in to the wall while you were away.. You would unplug it for 30 seconds before connecting it to your board.

    My board was acting crazy until I used this method to charge it. It was also giving me battery gauge errors, wouldn't charge and the lights wouldn't turn off. I was even hearing a pop when I would plug it in.

    Hope this helps!

  • @drn3rd First question, YES. No effect.
    Second - No evidence of water in any of the cases.
    Third - all clean

    Thanks for taking the time to try to help!

  • @mtruby82 Tried that, she powers up when I plug the AC in and lights come on. App shows plugged in but 00% battery, diagnostics show all batts at 0.0. Nothing happens when I push start button. Unplug, no lights at all. Push button - nothing.


  • @cactvs

    What do you battery cell voltages look like? Can you post a screen shot ?

  • @skyman88 They all read 0.00.

  • @cactvs

    Time to call Future Motion

  • @skyman88 said in Won't charge. Won't power up. Flashing...:


    Time to call Future Motion

    Yeah man. If your cells are reading 0.0 the BatteryManagementSystem is probably fried.

  • Sooooo... after many plugging and unpluggings, it finally turned on and read 100% charged. I went and rode 'til it wouldn't go another inch. Charged back up in 30 minutes and seems completely healthy now. I am happy but my trust is a little shaken... thanks for all the suggestions, people!

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