Quick pivots and turning

  • Hello everyone,

    First post! I've been tooling around on my OW+ for 15 miles, and I'm ready for some tips on quick turns in small spaces. I've had some luck just torquing and forcing the wheel to pivot... Is this a good idea? What's the tightest radius circle you can turn heelside and toeside?

  • Best way to turn is to get a different tire. The Vega is just a dog. I can turn about a 2 ft radius with the 5.5 Hoosier. About 4ft radius with the Vega. I know why FM went with the Vega - ITs so stable and anyone can ride it. Maneuverable it is not. A rounder tire requires no "torquing" just more angle.

  • If you get up on the edge by using your ankles the stock tire turns great. I have no experience with any other tire but you can turn and pivot on the stock tire with practice. Momentum is your friend.

  • I think this will help with what you’re trying to do, some tire theory in here and a good way to practice:

  • +1 to @sage954 and @Acumen
    Lack of practice is your issue, not your tire. Like they told me in tennis camp, "It's not the tennis racquet, it's the goat on the other end of the tennis racquet."

    As for the Hoosier tire recommended above, if you enjoy zipping at high speeds between cones spaced 2 inches apart, and you have ankles made of platinum, then a Hoosier tire is for you. The stock Onewheel Vega tire is just as maneuverable as any Hoosier, however, you’ll have to go a little slower, for it has to tilt further to get “on edge” than a Hoosier.

  • I think riding inside my house, trying to go slowly with accuracy, has helped my technique.


  • For newbies, I tell them to turn their shoulders and then everything else follows. After they strengthen the stabilizing muscles in their ankles, knees, hips, etc., then they can do more of the slow, heal-toe turns. Something else that helps is mimicking other riders; watch youtube videos to see their posture on the board and how they move.

  • @acecannon Same, but in apartment complex paths :)

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