• I would love to hear some feedback from more experienced riders. I'm less than a 100 miles but trying to rack them up fast. In Delerium I get pushback at 15-16mph, which I think is what should happen. If top speed advertised is 19-20 do I need to push through the initial pushback and it will happen again at top speed or is that just risking a crash for a few more mph. I don't want to learn the limits with a nose dive.
    I do wear full pads so probably 200lbs geared up and 6'3" so that's a lot of torque on the motor I would think. Mainly just having fun carving turns and cruising around, but was thinking about this today.
    Thanks in advance

  • @sage954

    That 15-16 mph pushback is the one and only. Passed that speed your ability to balance on the board (keep your weight centered over the wheel) becomes more important.

  • @sage954

    Also see really good explanations of the different types of pushback and nose dives... here:


  • @skyman88
    Thanks. I'll keep it at first pushback. I would think they would advertise that as top speed for safety sake.

  • @sage954 if you dig around on here or Facebook a lot of folks feel the same. Some people with great balance cruise all day at 23 mph so the board has a chance but it is rider dependent... along with weight, wind, tire pressure, terrain, etc...

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