Shipping to APO (Military Base)

  • With the Speed Limits on most military bases being as low as they are, you may get a Speeding Ticket while Floating!!! If your not careful :) --o--

  • Maybe you could design an "Up Armored" OW kit to match a HMMWV

  • @doublebull hahaha I rode on base many times last summer, speed limit is 30 so all is good (I know you were joking). BUT I did get strange looks from the SP's. Not sure they knew what I was doing and if it was legal on the road or not. hahaha

  • @simtech 30mph is fast for a military base, the ones I'm on are 20-25 max, I do like the idea of creating a Battle Ready OW though.

  • @doublebull Definitely calls for a camo-style rails, griptape and fender don't you think?

  • I haven't done it yet, I'm a Navy Seabee and I have Flat Military Green vinyl wrap, a stencil to make my Seabee symbol and some yellow spray paint to spray the stencil and Tire pressure stencil, and Vehicle number. I'm also going to add a BEEP (Battalion ownership) sticker in red paint diamond shape, with my Battalion # in the red diamond. I gotta get to it, before spring arrives.

  • @doublebull yeah we have roads at 20mph but our main drag road is 30mph. Where are you stationed?

  • Gulfport, MS; Port Hueneme, CA; Gitmo, Cuba; Camp Virginia, Kuwait; etc
    It would have been a blast to have my OW with me back then on any of my deployments. I'm retired now, but 27yrs total.

  • Before placing an order you can get more details about this by writing a mail to the company and asking about the shipping facility. There are many transportation companies who provide this service, you can enquiry about this facility online or else to the local service providers who can transport your vehicle from California to a military base in Asia.

  • UPDATE: I got an email from Onewheel, they can ship to APO but will have to use USPS. They use FEDEX since they have had problems with USPS in the past. So this is good news :) thanks everyone

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