Race for the Rail - 2018

  • Is it safe to assume that race for the rail will follow the same schedule as last year? Qualifying on Friday and race on Saturday? I really want to make it, but can’t wait for middle of May for them to announce it. - Thanks

  • Anyone???

  • @shan379 I hope there's a lot more to it this year. I made the trip last year and I could have bought a brand new Onewheel Plus for what I spent on the trip and it was just a roundabout little run through some grass and pavement. FloatLife fest was great, and definitely worth the trip. Race For The Rail is more like a marketing booth with a small event. This was at the time though, that Onewheels were backordered about 2 months. Now that they've cought up, and should be more focused on marketing maybe this event will be a bit more of a rider's event. We'll see as it gets closer and they start announcing what it entails.

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