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    Hey all - I’m working on a handsfree alerts + “blackbox” data recorder app that I’d love feedback on. The current prototype is for OW+ and iOS 10+.


    Goals are to remove the need to whip out your phone while riding and to eventually create an online database of nosedives / board problems to help us all better understand the board.

    Right now you get alerts for crossing speed and battery benchmarks (speed alert interval decreases with speed, battery alerts every 5% until you get below 10%, then every 1%), as well as when your heel / toe is off sensor for over 1.5s, or if both heel and toe come off while in motion (board shutoff seems to occur 0.5s after this event).

    Note that only one App can interact with your OW+ at once, so force quit / swipe the one you aren’t using.

    Thanks a ton!

  • @dbro I just used this app and I liked it! If I could make a suggestion and I don't know how hard this would be...Can you make the sound in the app louder than than music playing in the background? When the volume is low because I don't want music blasting in my ear I couldn't hear the apps verbal notifications. Besides that great app!!

  • @pb_mvg Good to hear! I can definitely have the audio alerts "duck" the currently playing audio. That introduces a slight delay that I thought could be problematic for some alert types (like "Feet off", which you have ~0.5 seconds to correct before the board shuts off), but I'll shoot to add a setting or make it always-on for non-critical alerts like battery and speed. Will include this in the 1.3 update.

  • @dbro Awesome! I got some of my buddies to download your app too. Great work and thank you for taking the time to look into those tweaks. I look forward to the update.

  • @dbro Thank you so much for this app. It's just what I was looking for.

    I'll tell you why - I'm experimenting with an external battery solution to extend range, and knowing my speed and battery charge status is key.


    Here are my requests:

    • Option to report voltage instead of battery % (the OW is notorious for having inaccurate battery % due to the difficulty of measuring these batteries.
    • Distance reports at .5 mile increments
    • Ability to save rides so you don't need to delete the previous one when you start the next one.

    Lower priority ideas:

    • Smoothed speed curves
    • elevation change (I know that would require GPS integration, probably not worth the effort)

    Great work, though, Bud. I use it regularly now!

  • I wish the Droid version will come out soon so that I can join the fun. I hate pulling my phone out (for fear of dropping it) so I just don't both and just make a guess on distance. A voice that tells me distance and voltage would be cool.

  • @dbro Love this app, but I ride goofy. Any chance you can add a setting to switch to goofy? Whenever it says toe off it’s really heel off for me. Thanks in advance!!!!!

  • I would like the ability to save rides as well. It would also be cool to be able to scale the X axis and scroll so a longer ride doesn't need to lose detail.

    I've been enjoying using it, but I have an issue which might be particular to my bluetooth, I haven't had a chance to try with another. It seems like the when bluetooth is engaged to play a voice prompt, there can be a small delay while the connection is made which results in the first word of the prompt getting cut off. Sometimes I only get the last syllable of the prompt. It's a great feature, and a good companion for my helmet which has integrated bluetooth.

  • any shot you could get this to work with a V1?

  • Wow awesome feedback everybody, feeling grateful. I just released a new version (1.3) to address some of your feedback and will get to the requests I didn’t hit for the next version.

    @pb_mvg audio alert ducking is now an option you can toggle in settings.

    @Gwinntanamo Ok so extremely interested in your mysterious charging solution but I suppose they'll be a thread for that when you're ready :) Today’s update has the distance reports, and I'm working on battery voltage, saved rides, smoothed curves, and possibly GPS/elevation for the next round.

    @Gadgetrider I hear ya, just want to get the basics nailed before duplicating the effort for Android. Once I do that it's gonna slow the rate I can make changes so hope you understand! I'm a long time Android user too and definitely want to do it right.

    @Dmonicle Oh man of course! Added this into 1.3.

    @IanJohnson Scaling and scrolling the x-axis is available now, thanks for the feedback! I think the current version should prevent alerts from being cut off mid-sentence, but could definitely be a bug. If you could try again after updating to 1.3 and let me know the exact series of events as best you can remember I'll take a little extra time trying to reproduce that here. P.S: What's this helmet?

    @pat_hurley I want to, just don’t have access to a V1 to test against. I’ll contact FM and try to get some info.

  • @dbro Just tried the new version. Awesome! This will now be my main app over the FM one. All I asked for and more! Great work! You should charge or put out a tipping link. Gladly buy youvur 6 pack of choice!

  • @dbro Sweet! Thanks!

    @Dmonicle Oh man of course! Added this into 1.3.

  • @dbro How far away are you from adding the ability to switch shaping modes? ;)

  • @ventoriffic Will shoot to get shape mode control in the next round.

    Re: Handsfree control: I also wonder if a heel / toe tap pattern would be neat for certain controls. Could also add Siri commands but I think they have to be kinda clunky like "Change shaping to Uphill with FloatDeck"

  • @dbro thanks brotha!!

  • @dbro I’ve been using your app for awhile and really like it. I was wondering if there is a way to add a switch to be able to go from miles and miles per hour to kilometres and kilometres per hour? Thanks!

  • Just released a minor update (1.3.2) with changes for a few of ya:

    @Gwinntanamo Plotting battery voltage on the chart is now available in settings.

    @JasonW33 metric units are available in settings.

  • @dbro thank you!!

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