• DiveSafe is now available for orders.
    I've tested it for the last couple weeks and I like how it's going.
    I'll have it on my 3 Onewheels.
    Spent a good hour last night hitting the nose down and sliding.
    It's like learning how to fall. It helps to get practice on how it works should the nose hits down..
    Of course this is for normal riding. Takes 5 minutes to install or remove,
    if you were to hit a spot and do tricks and what not.
    Also works as a trolley if you place a handle or a rope on the other side..
    Plate and supportive chains only. You'll need to get truck and wheels.
    I recommend 7" truck and 80 mm wheels.
    Of course you can tweak it to your liking and change wheels size.
    It's finding that sweet spot where the wheels are not too high but high enough to clear for normal riding.
    For inquiries, contact me directly at Tonyn.nyc@gmail.com

    In the first video, I'm manually shutting off the power.

    In the second, I'm pushing the nose down.





  • This post is deleted!

  • @sonny123 What do the chains do? Also, what are you asking for the price?

    I like that you have a demonstrably functional product here - nose wheels are something obviously more than one person is trying to get right, and yours seem to work, AN D your materials appear to be able to take the abuse.

    Here's what I don't like: aesthetically, this doesn't look great to me. I'm not sure what if anything can be done to make them a little less obtrusive, but I think a design that's still functional but slightly more pleasing to the eye will be needed, if you want to sell a lot of these.

    The other thing is, even though I see you've made holes for them, I have to imagine this reduces the amount of light the headlights can throw. Since I mostly ride at night, adding the DiveSafe wheels but also reducing the ground visibility right in front of the board seems like maybe a safety wash for me?

    Anyway, I hope this didn't sound too critical, I like that many people are thinking about this (and, you can show that yours WORKS) and I want to get SOMETHING while I get my confidence back up (and I like some of your other mods, like the racks and the military-style fender). Keep up the experimentation!

  • Can you use thicker material to ditch the chains? Look into swag offroad for a cheap metal press brake setup! I think your onto something! Loving the rest of your mods too! Warranty be damned! ;)

  • @glyph


    The light issue, I plan to attach a light right on top of DiveSafe.

    Lookwise, probably not a lot can be done.
    If I make it more discreet, it won't be as functional.

    The chains give the plate support in case you hit the wheels down hard, it won't bend up.

    Eventually, I might use steel cable and refine the look some.

    But for best result, 80 mm wheels needed and placed a bit further out.

  • @cascadewheeler

    Steel cables are a good idea but they'll have to be custom cut and made.
    I'm looking into making them.

  • What is this selling for?

  • @drgordon

    $99 shipped for plate and chains only

    You'll need truck and wheels


  • Cool, is anyone else using these? What is the feedback?

  • @drgordon

    I sold a couple.
    No feedback yet.
    I use it on my board.
    Easy riding, no issues.
    If you do steep stationary turns, the wheels may touch the ground.

  • Thanks for the reply, I've checked out your youtube videos. Looks like the best nosedive mitigation tool out there.

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