Is it best to disconnect the charger when the light turns green?

  • I'd assume at green the charger stops the juice and most modern battery systems can stay on the charger until used. But the manual says to occasionally leave it charge over night. Official answer?

  • I'm curious about this too because I'm always careful to not leave it on too long. I've only done one over night charge since I got mine a couple months back.

  • Here is some fun reading about the type of battery used:
    I'd say disconnect when fully charged, but do a "balance" charge once in a while.
    Having it connected longer isn't really a problem, but unless the cells are unbalanced, it won't help you either.

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    Couldn't say it any better ourselves...

  • Might be a stupid question, but what exactly is a "balance charge"? It says to leave it connected overnight but I wasn't sure if that meant with the charger turned on (to keep on charging all night) or with the charger turned off (to fully drain the battery or something??).

  • @AdamDoubleG balancing means to balance the current in each battery cell.. When you charge it they don't all level out unless you keep it on charge overnight.. Do that once a week if you ride daily..

  • How long is a while , a couple weeks , a couple months ?

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