Really looking forward to XR and fewer nosedives

  • The biggest problem with my pluses is not range alone, but the tendency to nosedive when accelerating moderately over bumpy pavement. I’ve been trying to push the board harder lately and this is a consistent problem, even though I keep my stance pretty close to the wheel and I’m only 165. I would ride in delerium more, which does reduce the nosedives, except for the battery life. Trade offs man.... anyway I’m really looking forward to more torque and maybe more delerium without range anxiety

  • @readysetawesome - I (and others) have speculated about whether the increased torque reduces nosedive probability under some conditions. Jury's definitely out: I think it could potentially help, others think it will make no difference at all, or perhaps even allow people to nosedive faster/sooner than they otherwise would.

    I'll be watching the reports of people going from + to XR closely to see. I really hope the increased torque helps. If nothing else, like you say, if Delerium is slightly better on nosedives and range is no longer an issue on the XR, then leaving it on Delerium all the time becomes a no-brainer.

  • At what speed do you tend to nosedive? If you're regularly cruising over 15mph that's the problem. Also keep your feet bent, ready to absorb road variations. This also increases battery life by a surprising amount. Your board has to work a lot harder when your legs are locked. Nosedives are 99% user technique. I'm not specifically saying user error, it's just improper technique, a lack of knowledge or understanding.

  • @readysetawesome said in Really looking forward to XR and fewer nosedives:

    even though I keep my stance pretty close to the wheel

    Both feet? One foot?

    I nose-dived once on my Onewheel+.
    I thought I was immune because I kept both feet close to the fender.

    Then I realized while my front foot touches the fender, my back foot needs to be as far back as possible, which dramatically changes the center of gravity rearward, requiring less effort on the motor to keep the board up.

  • A nosedive is simply what happens when the motor can not produce enough torque to counteract the force of the rider's forward lean. The Onewheel desperately wants to keep us upright but has a finite amount of torque (no matter your foot position). Your center of gravity is slightly forward of the axle as you maintain cruising speed no matter where your feet are. Imagine a line straight down from your spine to the axle. When you ride uphill this line moves forward. Steeper means even farther forward. When this line reaches a certain point, the motor simply cannot produce enough power to keep you upright. A motor with 10% more torque (as FM claims for the XR) will have 10% more torque available to try to keep the rider upright and resist against the pressure applied. Even when a nosedive occurs, its not because the motor stopped trying, it just because it couldn't fight any harder. Keep it smooth and within the motor's comfortable capabilities and you will be fine. Cross the line and you become separated from the board. Period.

  • @acumen Thanks! I hadn't thought of that, makes a lot of sense. I'll push my rear foot farther back

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