2 weeks in and loving it!

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    It's been two weeks since I got my Onewheel! I've been riding it everyday on my lunch break! It's everything I thought it would be and more! What an amazingly empowering and exhilarating experience!!! It was most definitely worth the wait.

    For those still waiting, stay strong everyone! They are rolling out of the production line much faster! Hope you all have a happy holiday season!

  • @dino You look great on it! Tear up the streets!

  • Woo!! Lookin' good man! Its great to see pictures of everyone enjoying their boards, saying that it was all worth the wait. I ordered my board a few weeks ago, and was told it will be shipping towards the end of January. I can barely contain my eagerness to get riding around town!!

  • I have the same helmet! Don't you love it?! @dino

  • @MichaelW It's a great helmet! I was cruising around the rain today and it made for a very safe ride!

  • @J-Glide Thanks man! We flew to San Francisco yesterday and I cruised around my old neighborhood! It was such a liberating experience!

  • @OnewheelinWest It's worth the wait man! I'm sure you'll forget about the pain of waiting as soon as you step on the board!

  • @dino nice looking helmet! Where ya get it from..?

  • @dino Notice how it says "KING" right next to your head in that pic... cuz that's exactly how you look on that beast when you're cruising by all those two-legged "walky" people. Should say "King of the Mountain."

  • @kjmedora looks to be a Torch Helmet. I have the black one. Good helmets for sure.

  • @dino @MichaelW Does the helmet actually light the road ahead of you? or just make you visible to others?

  • @rue1013 it does not light the road much. The lights are bright though. The primary purpose being to make you more visible to others.

    For night riding.. i would love something like a Lumagrid attached to the Onewheel!

  • @callenj357 Yup! That's the one! It's great!

  • @Code-ster It sure feels that way!

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