Apple watch app is cool but one issue

  • The Apple watch app has been pretty sweet with a notable frustrating limitation. It appears I have to have the iPhone app open AND the phone unlocked while using it. Hopefully, the unlocked phone can be fixed in an app update. I have noticed the phone app is also not the most persistent at keeping its connection to the board while riding.

    That said, the speed and battery level display at the flick of a wrist is super nice. Also can turn LEDs on and off from the watch.

    It does suck having to think about guarding your phone in your pocket and your wrist device in addition to protecting your body when crashing, but such is the price of convenient tech. May have to get a life proof type case for the watch for use as a crash guard.

  • When I try and use the Onewheel app on my Apple Watch I just get a permanent "wait cursor" (pinwheel). Anyone else having trouble using the watch app?

  • @kbern mine does the same thing. Have u ever figured that out?

  • Now days I only get the pinwheel also!

  • I've never gotten anything on the watch app. I just get the loading pinwheel and then I give up after 2-3 minutes. It WOULD be amazing to flip up my wrist and see the battery charge left, but it seems like the main issue is that the app disconnects as soon as you lock your phone. Although, even when the app on the phone is open and running I still get nothing on the watch.

  • My Apple Watch is constantly on the pinwheel for me as well

  • "Functioning as intended." ;)

  • The watch app has never loaded for me.

  • @Future-Motion do you think we'll see an update to the app at any point soon? Thx!

  • App works for me. Start the phone app first, connect phone app to the board, open the watch app, ride.

    (Remember to enable wifi & Bluetooth to connect the phone to the watch too if you're a newbie Apple Watch user :)

  • @jeff8v7 well you're the first person I've seen say it works. Glad it works for you somehow, but the rest of us would love to be able to use it. Yeah... The watch is properly connected.

  • @sidebox - well, now I'm with you. I upgraded my phone and watch OS yesterday, and now I have a forever spinning OneWheel app on the watch.

    I'll see if I can get it working again. I tend to ride with my watch in driving directions mode. But the watch app is fun as a speedometer.

  • @Future-Motion Any updates? :neutral_face:

  • @Future-Motion bump. What's up with this?

    Yours is the loveliest loading pinwheel. But Chicago wants to try this before we are icicle people.

  • FM hasn't been responding on the forums... good luck

  • 1.2.7 is really cool! :+1:

    But switching between km/h and miles per hour would by great.

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