Battery diagnostics gone with new app upgrade

  • Hey guys we would really appreciate if you guys could bring back to the app the battery diagnostics feature.
    We as riders really use this feature the most. Battery percentage on the app often times is not reliable at all leaving us stranded.
    It is the only way for us to verify balancing of individual cells as well as to know when our boards are truly 100% charged.
    I know I don't speak for myself only since most members of different various groups have expressed their concern about the disappearance of this vital feature.
    Thanks in advance

  • 2nd that

  • @Iggi
    Hopefully the old OWheelBuddy app will still connect. Has anyone checked that has this app still?

  • Yeah this is huge for me. Observing the balance of the cells in my battery is a great way to monitor battery health. Losing this ability makes me feel less able to care for my hardware. Maybe it's placebo but I really miss it. Please bring it back!

  • Next Updates removes the ability to see if your connected to the OW. XD

  • ...was just looking for this feature last night. Unfortunate it's gone w/ new app update. Future Motion, please bring it back. Its useful!

  • Same here: I can't live without these features!
    Please do not do this, please please please put them back in!

  • @SeeTheInvisible can you let us know what changes were made in the XR firmware update, and why the battery monitoring feature was removed?

  • I agree. what's up? Why is FM creating an atmosphere of disgust with its customer base? I can't go out on any ride without selling OWs. Should my tune start to change and tell people how great the OW is and how the company that makes it are jerks? Sell us parts! I have bought 4 from you and just got a used one. What is FM afraid of to sell its loyal base - parts?

  • @lidphones I use the OW Buddy because my phone is older. Not sure how new of Android will run it.

  • This feature is really necessary. Please bring it back.

  • I was about to run an errand, app said I had 30% which is enough. I checked the cells and saw 2.9-3.0 which meant I would have had to carry groceries and my OW back home.

  • At the very least FM - how about some transparency as to the motivation to remove those diagnostic parameters? Were the numbers misleading or inaccurate causing a lot of false concerns OR were they identifying an inherent weakness that we wouldn't catch until after the 6 month battery warranty period?

  • I emailed FM about this and they told me that they don't think it's important to the riding experience, so they removed it. It does look like they dont want to bring it back.

    I would encourage everyone to write an email requesting they put cell voltages and current amps reading back into the app. The more responses they get, the better chance we'll have our voices heard.

  • @v850tw @groovyruvy

    FM is notorious for lack of communication guys, and once you do get in touch its very vague answers per usual.

    Future Motion Inc currently has a C- with the Better Business Bureau, should give some insight.

  • My guess is they don't want to admit: the new XR hardware made it infeasible, with their current schedule, to support both the new/old battery hardware well with the same software while surfacing this useful information. Just a guess though.

  • @readysetawesome I also figured that maybe there should be separate apps for the Plus and for the XR

  • same here, one VERY important feature - future motion: please bring it back or i will NEVER upgrad my app.

  • You can grab the latest known GOOD apk for android here, Onewheel APK
    Just make sure to turn off auto-updating as well.

  • Just got stranded 3 miles from my car. App says 94% battery left! Doesn't affect the riding experience my ass.

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