Wow.. Cold weather really kills the battery

  • Battery Stats

    It's 28 degrees here, 3.4 miles and only 22% left, usually I get closer to 7.5-8..

  • This happens to Tesla's as well. I think its a lithium battery issue in general. My recommendation would be to take the supercharger in a backpack with you wherever you go.

    Also, riding in 28 degree weather must be tough, so good for you to battle it out like that!

  • I dont even get that far.. I think 2.5-3 miles would be a stretch when its around 25F.. but right now we got around 45F and I can really see a huge differance, what the week before took about 50% of the battery, is now more like 15%

  • I wear my snowboarding full face helmet and gloves, my feet do get cold, but not bad..

  • Today I didn't have to wear a full face mask....mainly because it's been 85 degrees and sunny all week. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • The cold weather lowers the tire pressure too, which could be affecting your range...

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