V1 battery health!

  • Board powers up ok for 1 minute and then it powers off.
    The onewheel app keeps telling me it needs juice.

    I’ve checked all the cells using the OWheelbuddy app and all of them are out of whack!

    Looks like I have one bad cell at 2.72v checked again this morning and it dropped 2.60v. 😕

    Do I leave leave it on to charge for a couple of days or send it in to FM?

  • I would give the 48 HR charge a try to see if it balances out the cells.

  • @lidphones
    Charged it up for 3 days straight.. battery still doesn’t hold charge while I ride! :(

  • @tj04
    Time to reach out to FM and have them look at it.

  • @tj04
    Could be a bad BCM (Battery Control Module) or Bad battery cells.

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