XR Arrived - noisy?

  • @jasons I just heard back from FM, in about 2minutes. great service and this noise is normal and nothing to worry about, especially audible indoors. Disregard my post/question, I am going out to ride this beast.

  • @jasons
    Way to go FM support.... Glad that they are super supportive on XR concerns.

  • @jasons

    Oh, Also post comments on how your first ride went. Enjoy OW’n...

  • Maiden Voyage on the XR, finally here three months after ordering it! First things first, thanks so much to Future Motion // Onewheel for building this incredible machine! I can comfortably say that the XR and the truly endless turns it provides is going to do the job, holding me over until next ski season! This is the Onewheel I have been waiting for since acquiring my v1. Not to put down the v1 in any way, I have had some incredible times riding it, it's just the XR expands on everything that is great about a Onewheel. With more power AND more range the experience is just that much richer. My first ride was just under 10 miles, from a 96% battery and I ended with 33% left. Maybe I could have down 2 or 3 more miles but my legs were definitely starting to feel it. The extra power makes everything so fluid, so smooth - Mission on pavement and Delirium on the trails - I had an epic time and covered some serious distance. Here's a few photos from the ride I took here in Chester County, PA - along the Brandywine creek trail system. I can't wait for some warmer temps this weekend to try and outlast the battery!


  • You really got a reply in two minutes? I'm going on two weeks trying to get a shipping label to send my plus in for a squeaking bearing.

  • @cascadewheeler yes I did!

  • That's the delirium mode noise and it's considered normal. It was there since OW+ days.
    If you switch to another shaping it should be quieter.

  • @sfctac
    Great additional info on OW + (XR) behavior. Thank you....

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