What's the biggest rock you picked out of your tire

  • I know I've had some boulders, should have taken pictures. What's impressive

  • The only downfall about a brand new tire is the amount of rocks it picks up... it's like a rock magnet haha... I don't have any big ones that I remember, just LOTS of little ones.

  • @skywalk3r I have a bunch of little holes where I assume rocks used to be?? Wiped off a few little rocks, no large impressive ones. Good thing?

  • Yeah those holes end up being the wear marks for the tire... once they are gone you’ll know you need to change your tire.

  • Size of a dime is the largest I've come home with.

  • The Vega is the most amazing tire option for picking stuff up. Used to swear that you could get every tiny piece of shit off a floor by making two laps with a clean tire.

    The Hoosier treaded or slick tire, even in D20A, doesn't pick up nearly as much crap, like orders of magnitude less.

    Biggest rock was something like a giant pea

    Worst was the constant glass shards. Like 20 a ride here in Miami. Constantly removing them. Now I get one every fourth or fifth ride. Once had one that was a spike an inch long and driven right into the tire... Slime worked. Pretty unreal.

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