OW App Leaderboard.... Great Job Future Motion... A Safer Way to Compete With Mileage Streak!

  • @Future-Motion
    This has been a long time coming. Great call. Bravo!

  • Is it possible to view my personal streak days and mileage without being in the top 5?

  • Only took them three years to figure out leaderboards with top speed ratings were getting people hurt. Progress.

  • @hoovdini
    Always thought the top speed board provided a more global incentive to “push the limits”

  • @hooverboard
    I do not see that option currently in the APP. I also see the streak days beats miles. So if you ride 1 mile a day for 30 day you would be the leader (as an example).

    @Future-Motion A personal view for your streak when not in the top 5 could be a cool feature to add in, maybe show it under “My Rides”?

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