Delete rides in the app

  • Hello,

    Do you know if we can delete some of your own rides on the onewheel app?
    I guess it should be there, but i can't find the way for this.


  • @ben27

    Very good question. I have not had the need before but I can see it would be beneficial to have that option. Hopefully it can be added by FM.

  • @Future-Motion
    Maybe a ride edit feature could be added in the future?

    Updated: Ride delete steps noted below. A way to edit ride details might still be beneficial though....

  • @lidphones @ben27

    I don't have my board with me at work but I'm pretty sure you just slide them to the side to get the delete option. Meaning you "push them off the side of the screen".

  • @skyman88
    Good call. I will check it out and see later today. From memory on iOS it just moves the route around on screen vs pushing off screen but will post back here to confirm.

  • Yup. Slide left. Delete.

  • Thanks for the confirmation.

    To clarify the needed steps.

    1. Under Rides tab in main screen of app
    2. iOS (maybe Android too) select ride bookmark icon in top right of screen to list your rides.
    3. Find the ride you wish to delete then slide it to left and delete it.

  • Great, slide left works also on android :)

    Thanks for your help

  • @ben27
    Glad that it is a cross platform process.
    Appricate the direction @skyman88 & @wrede66.

  • @lidphones That's literally what the community is for!

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