How many OW+ can I safely plug into my generator?

  • Got my hands on a generator , max continuous usage output is 2.8kVA and 23.4A.

    How many Onewheel+ could I safely plug into this at once? I think I'd be safe recharging 8 Onewheel+ simultaneously.

    The Onewheel+ charger input is rated 300VA, I think thats like 280W.

  • Link to Ohms Law

    voltage (V) x amps (I) = watts (Power)

    Usually a VA rating on input is to assure your device will function properly and work within its expected range. Most input watt rating is usually for minimum power required.

    Nominal voltage for US is 120V and most wall amperage power (I) is limited by the circuit breaker. Although some generators provide 120V some have very low output amp ratings per outlet and/or combined. You can figure that out by checking the max rating .

    generator max output (watts) ÷ onewheel charger minimum input rating (watts) = amount possible charging

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