"Is that the company? NEW WHEEL?"

  • I love the name OneWheel but anyone else think the logo is a bit confusing? All day long people say to me when they look at the board close. "Is that the company New Wheel?" I even thought that the first few days I bought it. Saying in my head "I thought it was called OneWheel why does it say NewWheel?" Lol... Anyway what are peoples thoughts on this? Like the logo? Don't like it? Think its confusing? Don't give a shit?

  • Damn you for pointing that out! Until now I'd only read it as OneWheel (y'know, because that's the name of the thing) but now all I can see is Newheel which makes no sense .... Aaaargh 😬

  • Yes, people have been making the same mistake when they read it on my board to

  • My wife thought it was called a new wheel for a while and we still jokingly refer to it that way sometimes. A buddy of mine who applied for them a while back was going to suggest a logo change for that very reason if it ever came down to it...or maybe he did and thats why he didnt get hired lol.

  • @SC720 I think the same thing whenever I see it. It would actually be "NEW HEEL" which is even worse! And I'm not sure what the "O" is supposed to look like, either.

    If they just made ONE in blue, and WHEEL in black, it would clear it up for everyone.

  • 0_1450815208568_Screenshot_2015-12-22-12-11-13-1.jpg No photo editing skills, but something like this would stay true to the logo while probably solving that misconception.

  • @Code-ster I like that!

  • @Electric-Slide Thanks!

  • @Code-ster Great idea! Here's one I made based on it:


  • @thegreck Nice! You did that way faster than I could lol.

  • @thegreck haha damn that's pretty genius

  • Anybody have an Idea what the "font" is they are using?

  • Amazing that for that amount of hours I have put into my board and been on this site, I've never even thought about reading it as "New Wheel". Now I can't unsee that.

  • I though the same thing ... New Heel actually, and so far no one looking at my board has guessed "one wheel" as the company name... It is a bit obscure.

    But - it really doesn't matter, since I love to ride it. And, I don't think they're having any sales issues - other than trying to fill more orders than they can handle :)

    I did hear someone shout "One Wheel" as I was riding last week. That's the first time so far someone knew what it was instead of just shouting Sugoi! or Kakuii!! (Amazing & Cool)

  • I cannot say I saw it until you mentioned it but I can totally see it now. I'm not sure it is a big enough deal to change it up.

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