Catalina Island Onewheel Hill Bomb

  • Link to YouTube vid

    Did you guys know there aren't any Catalina Island Onewheel videos on YouTube?!
    Until now!

    Enjoy this vid of Raequel McCosker Hoffman being a total badass and pushing 25+mph down a big ol' hill on Catalina Island.

    Oh, did I mention she went faster than about 50 dudes at Race For The Rail and made it to semi-finals?! Yeah, she rules.

    Float on, my friends :)

  • @jeffmccosker What a ride! I love watching videos of you, Raequel (btw and with all due respect she is a GODDESS) and the whole TFL crew. Mad skills! As a noob floater I'm in awe! But as an ER Nurse I cringe at the thought of anyone having an accident without any protective equipment. At the very least a helmet, I'm not a preacher and this is no pulpit but as someone who's seen when someone has had to re learn to feed themselves, walk, talk or wipe their own ass it's very sad especially when it could have possibly been avoided. Anyhow much love to TFL crew an thanks for doin what you do! Shaka, Bruh!

  • Amazing video! I kept dreading a crash at any time. I'm surprised there was no issue with over regen. Amazing control.

  • That's totally bonkers! But awesome 😃

  • @devon Yeah I hear ya. We have good friends with brain damage, paralyzed from the neck or waist down, lost limbs, died, all while shredding and chasing adrenaline. Helmets are smart for sure, but we tend to be dumb sometimes. Raequel is actually a professional wakeboarder so she has an insane amount of boardsport experience. That being said, you're totally right and accidents can happen anytime. Stay safe and wear a helmet kids!

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