Lunch break rides

  • I brought my new OneWheel to work yesterday and rode it around our huge, half-empty parking lot on my lunch break. Anyone else do this and then have a REALLY HARD time stopping and going back to work??

    It was so incredibly fun! It was just my second time riding it since I got it a few days ago, and it just got more and more fun every second I was on it, especially the more comfortable I got. Felt like I had an annoyingly big sh*t-eating grin on my face the entire time.

    I'm taking it down to San Diego for the holidays (I'm currently in Pasadena area) and looking forward to trying it out on a few different terrains! Will very likely be making a few more videos, too.

  • I ride on my lunch break every day!

  • @jim I had planned to bring it today as well, but it's pouring outside. Lame.

  • @thegreck Hope you got the fender! Makes riding in the rain a joy :-)

  • @jim I ordered it, and the tracking said it was delivered along with the OneWheel, but it wasn't! Been trying to get an answer from support about what's going on and where it is.

  • I ride to/from work everyday (except rain or if I know I need to drive for clients). Life is good.

  • If I rode on my lunch break I wouldnt go back!

  • All you guys are getting me way to excited to finally get riding lol i can't wait!!

  • @OnewheelinWest I can tell you from experience that no matter how excited you get waiting for your OneWheel, it doesn't come close to how fun it is to ride when you finally get it.

  • @SC720 said:

    If I rode on my lunch break I wouldnt go back!

    I'm averaging about 7-8 mph when screwing around on my lunch break, which puts me at around that many miles by the end of the hour... which means I have to stop anyway because the battery usually dies on me.

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