order times on fenders?

  • I should of bought the fender when I bought my onewheel but cheap me did not. After a week of riding I decided to order the fender and got the email saying 8-12 weeks back order. Has anyone gotten a fender quicker than this as I'm just hopeful I get it quicker.

  • I ordered footpads a month ago. Nothing. I was hoping to get them in a few days... They must be really backed up...

  • Just curious - do the footpads wear out? Only have had mine a week.

  • @atl1wheelin took me over a month and a half I believe... But when I ordered they were in the midst of changing over their shipping facility. They had kept telling me "it should be out this week" for 4 weeks lol

    If you got an email stating a backorder, it's most likely going take that long :-/

  • Footpads take a long time to wear out. I just wanted new because I knew I would need them at some point and the board looks beautiful when you get new ones. Also, when it comes time to sell better to change them out and get a better price. If you tape off the rails like I do you can have a board that looks new again after a year or more of riding.

  • What kind of tape did you use as I'm considering doing something like that?

  • Gorilla tape is best. Very thick and I rip it in half and double it up on the rails. I put it on the top (Small rail between the footpads and the larger rail at the bottom) and bottom of the board. Doesn't hurt the finish. @atl1wheelin

  • @atl1wheelin I received my fender in two days. When they are in stock they ship fast.

  • I'm making fenders all week.. And carbon fiber rails are coming soon..

  • @Willy Any pictures as I would love to see how you do this?

  • I ordered my OneWheel and fender at the same time. Got the OW over a week ago... still waiting for the fender, and support is dodging the question as to where the fender is and why I haven't received it yet.

  • @thegreck What was your order number? Just trying to gauge when my sons one wheel will arrive.

  • @mauimau1 #1454

  • I ordered both as well - got the onewheel 2 days ago but no fender or response from customer support on the fender. Order #1629.

  • Just got an email from Carly - said the fender is coming from a different order fulfillment center and should be released for shipment within a week now that the board has shipped.

  • I say get a fender from @njcustom if you need it asap. They look awesome and they are magnetic. Win Win!

  • I've ordered fender, pads and bumpers 1 month and 3 weeks ago. Customer Service has been keeping promising to send it during the week in the last 3 weeks and it ends up wisful thinking.
    Just amazing how the aftersale is not reactive and not adapted. I was to recommend the board here in France to the many people who wonder what is this but having my Onewheel stored like an old Macintosh on a shelf because of unusable bumpers for more than one month and a half, i came back to my boosted board, had the spare parts (just in case) delivered in a week.

  • @mdwatson1957 @yst127 Me too I ordered a few things together in one order but every articles are sended seperatly, don't know why, they must have their own way to dispatch the articles away. Anyway the OW arrived alone and I get every two days a sending confirmation for one aritcle. First OW was send and has arrived, T-shirt was sent on it's way, Fender was sent on it's way, still waiting for the charger and the pads to be sent. Ordered everything on the 29Jan. @future-motion thanks for having sending at least the board first an fast, I can't be angry about the rest, because when I get angry I just go ride he he :).
    We will have to wait guys, cheer up! I'm sure they have their reason to work like that.

  • @mAz You ordered an extra charger??

  • @Polle yep, I ride to work but I don't want to carry a charger ;) so I can keep one at work.

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