How easy to change shipping address after I place my order?

  • I am moving to the bay area in 2 months from Seattle. I don't know my address in CA yet but I want to place my order now to get in line. How easy is it to change the address after the order is placed? Is there any tax-related concern with this?

    Man, the timing is bad because 2 months is right about the time for current waiting period right? Would love to know if anyone done it before.


  • I changed it the day after I paid...just emailed them..

  • I see. Do you change the state as well? How fast is the response time.


  • @gavinlin I did not change states but that won't be a problem.. Just email them and let them know.. I got a response in a day

  • Update: I emailed them the day right after I place my order and it's been almost 2 weeks and I still haven't heard from them

  • Another update: Just heard back from Carly and she already updated for me. The holiday is apparently messing up their reply time.

    They are super helpful.

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