Carbon fiber rail covers

  • Back at it again!! Rail covers will be coming soon!! Started making them today in fiberglass. Then I will start the molding process.. After that i will start making show quality carbon fiber rail covers. Price will be 150$ shipped for 2x sides.. Out of country shipping will cost extra..

    0_1451007498920__20151224_202534.JPG 0_1451007530930__20151224_203133.JPG

  • Damn, looks nice. I can't wait to see the final Product.

  • @njcustom tis a Christmas miracle!

  • Please make a pair of matte black to show, I'd love to reserve a set :)

  • @braswell absolutely

  • Gonna be so sweet! Mark me down for a set!!

  • Gonna make me scared to crash again haha. Good thing I can replace these though. Can't wait to get 'em!!!!

  • Would love to see a picture of how they look on the final product! Might be interested!

  • I hope to have a set this week to show

  • @njcustom so curious to see these already! :+1: how do you plan on attaching them btw?

  • @braswell most likely 3M tape that is paper thin.. I can also do the magnets but if you have a fender it won't work.. The rail covers will have to be trimmed a bit..

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