OneWheel Modifications?

  • I've seen some great ideas here on the forums of people modifying their OneWheels in great ways. Just wondering if anyone else has any modifications they have made or "necessities" they have purchased to better their OneWheel experience. If you do, please comment and let me know along with any pictures or links to the items so that maybe this thread will help others modify their boards!

    These are the modifications I have made so far or plan on:
    -Carbon Fiber Wrapped my OneWheel
    -Bought bumpers
    -Bought a fender (plan on trying to wrap this as well)
    -Some sort of light around my OneWheel (waiting on @J-Glide to provide this :P)

    -Dummy plug for charging port
    -Carrying bag/backpack

    Please share anything I am missing that you have or add some tips/suggestions!

  • Real carbon fiber Accessories.. Such as the magnetic fender and rail covers I'm making..

  • Can you make the carbon fiber fenders in specific colors? @njcustom

  • @uncbeast5 I'm in search of good quality colored carbon fiber.. carbon fiber is very soft and flexible.. The colored stuff is stiffer then cardboard and just doesn't bend in the mold..

  • @njcustom Let me know how that search goes, I may be interested if you can find a quality wrap for the fender!

    Has anyone else made any other modifications or have plans for their OneWheels?

  • @uncbeast5 what color did you want?

  • @uncbeast5 that's vinyl wrap.. Not real carbon fiber..

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