What is this? (New Onewheel Clone)

  • Looks like a "Maker Fair" Project.

    "Flying Nimbus" He calls it.

    Flying Nimbus


  • Its not new, and its not a clone. It was out there long before Onewheel.

  • oh I just came across it. interesting design

  • Love the design! Looks very industrial. Like Robocops Onewheel

  • @Willy Pretty much...I was thinking BatWheel.

  • sorry for sounding like a douche, wasnt my meaning.. I just answered quickly :D I like it, it looks alot like the onewheel, but it got those two rollers infront and back of it.. I think it looks extremly steampunk and cool :D

  • @BadWolf it is all Good. I Like the "robo cop" / steampunk type look of it.

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